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Xanax: a powerful anxiolytic drug and its specific features Xanax is well-known for its sedative action and perfect ability to combat anxiety, insomnia and panic disorders. Learn why the medicine requires control and a cautious attitude


Modern medicine provides us with lots of agents that cure anxiety, depression and other mental disorders. Still, some of them are quite dangerous to health and others require special precautions. This is due to their powerful action. For instance, Xanax has a great impact on the central nervous system and provides positive effects only if taken according to the prescription. Let’s discover more about this remedy, its utilization and the rules of the intake.

The power of the pills: how it acts in the body

The active ingredient of Xanax is called alprazolam. This benzodiazepine derivative was created and introduced in clinical practice in the 1980s. It possesses an intermediate duration of action and is utilized in cases of panic and anxiety disorders, social phobia and other similar conditions. If we consider the chemical structure of this compound, we’ll see that it is close to triazolam. Certain chemical changes led to a more pronounced hypnotic effect and a powerful ability to relieve feelings of anxiety and fear. This is achieved by the inhibition of the activity of the central nervous system through special receptors in the brain. Nowadays, this remedy is prescribed in the following situations: • anxiety; • tension and restlessness; • irritability; • sleep disorders (including insomnia); • panic disorders; • tremor. It belongs to the prescription group and its intake must be strictly controlled by a doctor to avoid side effects, especially the development of dependence or withdrawal syndrome.

The rules of the intake

This remedy comes in an oral dosage form in different doses. The exact dose for treatment is chosen individually according to the condition of the patient and his or her overall health. Usually, doctors start from the smallest possible dose and then gradually increase it if needed. The course may last from a few weeks to a few months. Afterward, the dose should be decreased gradually and other sedatives should be recommended to avoid side effects during this stage. Like other benzodiazepines, Xanax may cause addiction if the pills are taken long-term in large doses (more than 4 mg per day). If the patient suddenly stops taking the remedy, withdrawal syndrome may occur with the following symptoms: • depression; • insomnia; • irritability; • increased sweating. This happens more often in patients who have been utilizing the pills for more than 2 or 3 months.

Possible unwanted reactions

At the beginning of the course, some patients experience drowsiness and dizziness, fatigue, problems with concentration, disorientation and slowed mental and motor reactions. Other possible adverse reactions include: • allergic reactions, such as skin rash; • various digestive issues; • changes of the blood composition; • urinary tract disorders. If a patient experiences such reactions as aggressiveness, agitation, fear, thoughts of committing suicide, hallucinations, muscle cramps and difficulty falling asleep treatment should be stopped.

Contraindications and precautions

This remedy is not prescribed in the following cases: • allergy to the main ingredient or auxiliary components; • coma and shock; • acute poisoning with alcohol, narcotic analgesics, hypnotics and other psychoactive drugs; • myasthenia gravis; • glaucoma; • severe and acute respiratory failure; • severe depression with suicidal tendencies; • pregnancy and lactation period; • age under 18 years. With caution, this medicine is utilized for patients who suffer from liver or chronic renal failure, cerebral and spinal ataxia, a history of drug dependence and a tendency to abuse psychoactive drugs, brain diseases, psychosis, sleep apnea and also for elderly patients. During treatment with this remedy, patients must not drink alcoholic beverages or combine these pills with any other sedative drugs. If the patient should take any other medicine simultaneously, it should be discussed with a doctor.


To conclude, Xanax is a very powerful and potent remedy. It is more than helpful in the case of various mental disorders. At the same time, it has various adverse effects and may affect the brain in the opposite way than it is expected. Therefore, this kind of treatment requires special caution and a responsible attitude. The dose is chosen by the doctor and the patient should follow all the recommendations. In this case, a positive result will be achieved without negative consequences.